2013 Evaluation – Eastern Vicus

In May 2013, we organised an evaluation to target anomalies on the geophysical results, done back in November and December 2012. Together with Wardell Armstrong, 8 trenches were planned, a digger and portaloos booked and enthusiastic volunteers were recruited.

We placed 1 trench in the top field near the pub over an anomaly which turned out to be recent activity, so that was immediately shut down so we could concentrate on the lower field.  Again a couple of the trenches were shut down immediately due to revealing that the anomalies were natural geological changes, so we were able to concentrate all our volunteers on the remaining trenches.

The report is to follow, but we found the road leaving the vicus going out to the East, which was nicely preserved where tree roots hadn’t damaged it. Alongside the road there was evidence of timber structures and the alleys or yards between buildings. West of these buildings, closer to the vicus we found stone foundations with evidence of post pads, so possibly a more high status building than those seen next to the road further along. There were drains found associated with this building as well.

A big thank you to the volunteers who helped us with this evaluation, including those of you who turned up on the Saturday and ended up getting soaked through!! There are some photos in the gallery below. The report is included in the main excavation report (see 2013 excavation page).

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