Evaluation Days & Cockermouth Castle Visit 2016

During 13th/14th May 2016, we held an Evaluation day at Cockermouth Town hall, before heading to Cockermouth Castle for a tour. We invited our volunteers to meet us for a discussion about the project but to also use it as an opportunity to share with everyone the results of the last survey results of the project from Burrow Walls and Calva Hill.

During the evaluation, Shirley Muir asked the volunteers about their thoughts and experience during the project. What we heard was very heart warming to say the least, and showed us that the volunteers had thoroughly enjoyed the project. They talked about all aspects of the project they had been involved with, from the surveys, excavations and post excavation workshops we held during it. To hear volunteers talk about the friendships they had made and everything they had learnt through the project just emphasised the success of it from a volunteer point of view. The word cloud below is the result of a workshop Shirley did to get the volunteers thoughts about the project.



Cockermouth Castle Tour

Once we had finished at the Town hall, we all walked up to Cockermouth Castle, where members of the Civic Trust gave us a fantastic tour of the grounds. We were keeping an eye out for re-used Roman stone work and the guides pointed out to us one of the inscribed stones that has been used in the wall. A photo of the inscription is included in the gallery below.

We would like to thank the Civic Trust members who gave our volunteers such an interesting tour over both days.





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