Hadrian’s Wall Visit

In April we went on the first of our full team visits to other archaeological sites. A mix of 37 volunteers, including families who had taken part in the on site family days,  and archaeological staff travelled to Hadrian’s Wall for a day out to Chesters Fort, where English Heritage kindly gave us a tour of the site, finishing off with the bath house.  It was interesting to walk around the remains of the bath house and try and see the comparisons to the buildings and hypocausts we found during the 2012 season. Our next stop was to the Mithraic Temple for a quick look before proceeding towards Vindolanda for the afternoon. We were once again kindly given a tour of the site by a Vindolanda Trust tour guide for those who were interested and spent time looking around the vicus area, as this will be the focus of our next evaluation and possibly the 2013 season at Papcastle.

We would like to extend a big thank you to both English Heritage and The Vindolanda Charitable Trust for a great day out that was enjoyed by all.

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