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Evaluation Days & Cockermouth Castle Visit 2016

During 13th/14th May 2016, we held an Evaluation day at Cockermouth Town hall, before heading to Cockermouth Castle for a tour. We invited our volunteers to meet us for a discussion about the project but to also use it as an opportunity to share with everyone the results of the last survey results of the project from Burrow Walls and Calva Hill. During the evaluation, Shirley Muir asked the...

Samian Bowl Conservation Report

Following the 2014 excavation at Broomlands, we have been busy with post excavation workshops and getting information back from the various specialists about the finds recovered from the site. We will bring you these updates as soon as we can. You may have seen in the newspaper...

Skeleton in the Bath house – the Strontium report

As you may know, during our 2012 Bath house excavation, we found a partial skeleton amongst the remains of the hypocaust system of one of the bath houses. The skeleton was assessed and the report is available in an earlier post, but to summarise quickly, it was the skeleton of a male who was in his 30's when he died. Radiocarbon dating showed that he had lived during the Roman occupation of...

Reports added!

We have uploaded the interim excavation reports for the 2012 bathhouse excavation, 2013 eastern vicus evaluation an excavation (combined report) and the 2014 evaluation to the west of Papcastle. We are waiting for a few more details before the reports will be complete, but these interims have a lot of information about phasing, photos and finds analysis. If you have any questions about th...

Post Excavation Pottery Workshop 3

In November 2014, we organised with Megan Stoakley of Wardell Armstrong archaeology to do a post excavation finds washing workshop with the volunteers. This was an chance for volunteers to take part in the post excavation process as well as see some of the small finds cleaned up, such as the genius loci, the small metal finds including the stag, mouse ears, boar, brooches and some of the ston...

Binchester and Piercebridge Visit 2014

In June, we were joined by a mix of volunteers on our second site visit. This time we visited Binchester Roman fort and Piercebridge Roman Fort, which also has the remains of the Roman bridge. Both are situated along Dere street. We were given tours of both sites be Dr David Mason, who kindly gave us his time to tell us about both locations and talk to the volunteers if they had any questions....


The Hamlet of Hames Researched by Anne and Roger Asquith (figures referred to in the text can be found in the gallery towards the end) The ‘Hamlet of Hameshill’ is shown on the 1840 Tithe Map, fig.1. To establish the boundaries relative to modern buildings and roads it is highlighted on a (pre by-pass) OS map in fig.2. An archaeo...

Pottery Identification Workshop

In March, we set up a pottery identification workshop with Roman pottery expert, Louise Hird and Megan Stoakley, Wardell Armstrong's Finds and Archive specialist. Both have been dealing with the finds from our excavations and kindly gave us their time to talk to the volunteers about the various types of pottery that they identified from our sites. The volunteers were treated to a lovely di...

Post Excavation Pottery Workshop 2

On the 30th November, we held our 2nd Post Excavation Pottery Workshop at the Wardell Armstrong offices. We would like to thank our volunteers for helping us clean up the pottery from the 2013 Eastern Vicus excavation and the Wardell Armstrong staff who helped us identify some of the pieces and showed us the small finds that had been partially cleaned and stored. We managed to get through a hu...

Fairfield School Children Digging Derventio

The Discovering Derventio project aims to engage children and families from the local community in archaeological investigation. We partly achieve this through our open days at weekends, during which young families come and join us on site and contribute to our understanding of Derventio. However, we are also working closely with the Senhouse Roman Museum who are running our education outr...

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