Post Excavation Pottery Workshop 3

In November 2014, we organised with Megan Stoakley of Wardell Armstrong archaeology to do a post excavation finds washing workshop with the volunteers. This was an chance for volunteers to take part in the post excavation process as well as see some of the small finds cleaned up, such as the genius loci, the small metal finds including the stag, mouse ears, boar, brooches and some of the stone work including the tombstones and other decorative stone work.

The group were able to work through a lot of the finds, and Megan also kindly gave a 45 minute talk on the small finds, which gave the volunteers more detail about what they were and what their use was (if known).

Many thanks to the volunteers who were able to give their time on Saturday and helped us get through a lot of the finds, which will go a long way to getting them prepared to be sent off to various specialists. Thanks also to Megan for giving us her time and hosting an interesting day for all.



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