Samian Bowl Conservation Report

Following the 2014 excavation at Broomlands, we have been busy with post excavation workshops and getting information back from the various specialists about the finds recovered from the site. We will bring you these updates as soon as we can.

You may have seen in the newspapers an article about a new addition to our exhibition in Cockermouth Town Hall. We have had a Samian bowl reconstructed, which now joins our growing display. This was reconstructed by Sion Davies, who has kindly provided us with the conservation report.

We have another Dragendorff 37 bowl though the decoration is different from the one found in 2010. This time, we have animal and human figures within a panel design. We have positioned the bowl in the case to try and make the best of the light to allow visitors to see this interesting decoration. Despite not finding the base, the potter was identified with a date range of 100-125AD. More detail can be seen in the report below.

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