Skeleton in the Bath house – the Strontium report

As you may know, during our 2012 Bath house excavation, we found a partial skeleton amongst the remains of the hypocaust system of one of the bath houses. The skeleton was assessed and the report is available in an earlier post, but to summarise quickly, it was the skeleton of a male who was in his 30’s when he died. Radiocarbon dating showed that he had lived during the Roman occupation of the area. We could not get any information about his stature as the skeleton was not complete, however, his teeth survived quite well. It was decided to send them off for Strontium analysis to see if we could get more information about this individual.

The results are outlined in the attached report.

2014 Papcastle report Isotopes

It turns out that our “body in the bath house” was someone who had very highly likely had been born and grew up in the area. He is a fantastic link between the people of the past and the locals who are now rediscovering the vicus with us.



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