2014 West Papcastle Survey

During March and April 2014, we worked with volunteers to cover the fields to the west of Papcastle on the old Papcastle-Broughton road and down by the river Derwent near the bypass bridge. We wanted to fill in some gaps from the 2010 geophysics as well as look at new fields to see what, if anything , would show.

For this geophysics sessions, we were able to use Wardell Armstrong’s resistivity equipment, so we had both going at the same time, covering areas already done by the magnetometers, then having both the magnetometers and the resistivity gear working the same grid at the same time, allowing the volunteers to work with both. It would also give us an opportunity to compare the results to see the differences.

We were surprised to see that, while the magnetometry results were usually clearer and sharper, the resistivity results sometimes picked up possible features that the mag results had not shown.

The gallery below shows both methods being used.

As usual, a big thank you to our volunteers for helping us with this session.

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